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Premium Pueraria Mirifica Tincture

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A Natural Breast Health & Feminine Vitality Solution: Thai women have been using Pueraria Mirifica to naturally lift their breasts and rejuvenate their skin and vitality, keeping them youthful, nourished, and glowing at any age. Now, you can experience this wonder yourself!

Premium Pueraria Mirifica Tincture

Tropical Thai plant Pueraria Mirifica is also referred to as Kwao Krua Kao. Local women have been utilizing this natural miracle to increase their vitality and promote youth for hundreds of years.

Pueraria Mirifica is a well known herb but previously not widely available in South Africa.

Why choose tinctures? Tinctures make herbs' active compounds more easily absorbed by the body as opposed to the raw herb which still has to be broken down by the body, raw herbs can also contain bacterial, viral & other contaminants which tinctures do not. 

How the Pueraria Mirifica Tincture help:

  • Increase breast size and firmness
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Restore and keep skin moisture
  • Reduce wrinkle depth and pore size
  • Significantly delay skin aging

Uses: Breast health, dry skin, hormonal imbalances, feminine vitality.

Detailed Product Information

50ml (1 - 2 months)


Pueraria Mirifica, Ethanol [Inactive ingredient]

Dosage: Take 15 - 20 drops in approximately 1/4 glass water or juice three times daily.

Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This medicine is not a substitute for medical attention.

Caution: Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children. Safety in pregnancy has not yet been established. As a precaution it is therefore best for women to stop taking them as soon as conception has taken place.

Contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives.

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