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Female Fibroid & Cyst Tonic

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Experience Freedom from Fibroids and Cysts: This remedy naturally shrinks and removes different types of fibroids and cysts in women of all ages.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Fibroids and Cysts Tonic assists in shrinking and removing fibroids or cysts but does not address hormonal imbalances, which are often the root cause. To prevent recurrence, we recommend balancing hormones with our Female Fibroid & Fertility Combo, as hormonal imbalances can lead to persistent fibroid issues

Female Fibroid & Cyst Tonic

There are very few woman over the age of 30 who do not have at least 1 fibroid or cyst, and many women live in constant discomfort and pain or even live without the ability to get pregnant due to fibroids and cysts, that is why we have developed this remedy, it contains ingredients that are naturally used to shrink and remove fibroids & cysts, and restore optimal female reproductive health.

How Fibroid & Cyst Tonic can help:

  • Treatment for all types of ovarian fibroids: Subserosal fibroids, Intramural fibroids, Submucosal fibroids.
  • Treatment for all types of cysts: follicle cysts, Corpus luteum cysts, Dermoids, Endometriomas (NOT endometriosis), Cystadenomas

Uses: For the treatment of fibroids & cysts.

Detailed Product Information

50ml (1 - 2 months supply)


Puncture Vine, Green Tea, Dandelion, Chasteberry, Red Clover, Tumeric, Ethanol [Inactive ingredient].

Dosage: Adults: 15 - 20 drops in approximately 1/4 glass of water or juice three times daily 

Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This medicine is not a substitute for medical attention.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy & breastfeeding has not been established. Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.

Contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives.

For the Patient information leaflet and product leaflet please click here. 

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