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X-Gel - Gum & Teeth Decay Protection

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X-Gel - Introducing a paradigm shift in oral care.

X-Gel was designed to not only clean the sensitive gums and teeth of babies & children, but to also fight off the harmful bacteria & fungi that cause plaque and tooth decay. XGel also helps restores the ecology of the oral environment.

How does X-Gel work:

1) After application it creates a barrier around the gums and teeth that make it impossible for the fungi and bacteria that cause plaque to attach to these gums & teeth

2) The specific xylitol solution that we use has anti-fungal and also specific anti-bacterial action, this also stops the over-growth of these negative fungi and bacteria in the mouth. (This is also why it assists with throat & ear infections, and helps prevent them).

Did you know: XGel also contains calcium to ensure strong gums and teeth.

Developed by a paediatric dentist, XGel is:

Safe if swallowed

- Tastes great and encourages good oral hygiene care

- No fluoride, abrasives, detergents or colourants

- Eco-friendly; no harmful chemicals

- Preservative-free

Uses: Baby gum cleaning, Milk Tooth Cleaning, Prevent Plaque, Prevent Tooth Decay, protect against earn and throat infections.

Detailed Product information:

Size: 120g

Directions: Apply one drop per brush / sponge and then rub over baby or child's gums. Do not rinse or spit it out. Apply 3 - 5 times daily.

Ingredients: Purified aqua, xylitol, carboxymthylcellulose, calciumglycerophosphate

X-Gel - Gum & Teeth Decay Protection

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